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Mobile vs. Manufactured vs. Modular Homes

Mobile vs. Manufactured vs. Modular Homes

Prefabricated homes, also called prefab homes, are becoming quite popular today for Americans seeking a more affordable and sustainable way to own a new home. They offer a wide range of flexibility, whether in terms of location, looks, functions, or costs. The best advantage of prefabricated homes—you get them within weeks of ordering them, reducing the time you need to wait for a new house. However, you must learn the basic differences between mobile homes, manufactured homes, and modular homes to make a well-informed decision while searching for Modular homes in Texas.

Let us look at the basic differences that set apart the three types of prefabricated homes- mobile, manufactured, and modular!

What are Mobile Homes?

Mobile homes are often referred to as trailers, as they were typically built on wheels and could be easily relocated. However, after the changes in HUD policy in the 1970s, mobile homes are no longer made. Here are some basic features of mobile homes-

  • Other names: trailers, caravans.

  • Construction: These were built on wheels so owners could conveniently relocate them to their work location. A variety of materials were used to construct them.

  • Designs: You could get a mobile home according to your lifestyle and preferences.

  • Safety: The safety of residents was the primary reason to stop building them. Mobile homes were not regulated and could be built according to any standard. They do not follow the current HUD regulations.

What are Manufactured Homes?

Manufactured homes are the beautiful “mobile” homes you see today. There are a few notable differences between mobile homes and manufactured homes, like the regulations followed, the construction material used, and the type of foundation. Here are some features of manufactured homes-

  • Construction: They are built in a factory setting in a climate-controlled environment. A contractor specializing in manufactured homes can relocate it if it has a pier or beam foundation.

  • Designs: You can get them designed according to your preferences. They are usually available as single, double, and triple-section homes.

  • Safety: They are according to the new HUD regulations, which include structural strength and resistance against wind, storms, and corrosion.

  • Cost: These cost an average of $88,000 in the USA. However, the features you include can influence the price.

What are Modular Homes?

Modular homes are quite similar to manufactured homes, but they cannot be relocated once assembled and are considered real estate. Here are some features of modular homes-

  • Construction: They are built off-site in climate-controlled facilities in large sections. They are then assembled on the site.

  • Designs: A variety of options are available according to your choices. You can make them more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

  • Safety: They are inspected by third-party inspectors for local, state, and regional building codes like on-site homes.

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