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Advantages To Purchasing A Manufactured Home

If you're wondering why it may be advantageous to buy a new manufactured home, these few points to consider might get you started.


Budget is most often the primary consideration when buying a new home. And the most budget-friendly option is almost always new manufactured homes. New homeowners will pay up to 50% less for a manufactured home than for a new construction home based on square footage. Price, therefore, is a big advantage of buying a manufactured home.


Mobile homes have come a long way since the 1970s and 80s. When you tour some of today’s manufactured home models, you will find a much wider range of designs and styles. Some of these designs are simple and minimalist with a modern feel and others are very luxurious and elaborate. There are many more options available for new manufactured homes, such as a 2-car garage, large decks or porches and vaulted ceilings. New homes often include modern appliances, granite counters, kitchen islands, tile floors and much more. The team at Palestine Home Center can work with you to customize the perfect home to fit your needs and style.


Manufactured homes are equipped with the newest technology appliances that get top Energy Star ratings. Each new design is based on the highest quality construction that supports the most efficient heaters, air conditioning and water heating systems. You will also find the tightest well-designed windows and doors installed on new homes. These features combined result in a highly-streamlined system that results in significantly saving on energy costs.


With modern manufactured homes, you have the option to add all the same amenities that you would be offered in a new construction home. Depending on the model, options include walk-in closets, sauna tubs, fireplaces, double sinks and more. These extras can be installed and arrive with your new home to your site. Would you like wall to wall carpet, stainless steel appliances, ceramic tile or bay windows? New manufactured homes allow you to add the amenities you desire to help you create your dream home!


Start your application and get financing today!

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