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7 Advantages of Buying A Manufactured Home

7 Advantages of Buying A Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes in Palestine have long been under the eyes of misconceptions. After generations, they have been considered unsafe under disasters like earthquakes, fires, and heavy winds. However, they have changed over the past few decades and have allowed many people to fulfill their American dream of owning a house. They now offer a lot more features to the owners, like landscaped lawns, garages, and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. But you can get many more benefits from owning a manufactured home.

Let us see the top advantages of buying manufactured homes in Palestine, TX-

Advantage #1- They are Affordable: The biggest challenge most Americans face while buying homes is their budget. However, unlike on-site homes, manufactured homes are quite affordable and available in every kind of price range. According to the US Census Bureau, manufactured homes cost an average of $62,600, which averages ten to thirty-five percent less per square foot to build than site-built homes.

Advantage #2- You Get More Control: Site-built homes can be very stressful. There can be cost overruns, delayed construction, and snarly contractors. However, with manufactured homes, you will not face any such complications as they are built under strict rules and tight federal regulations. Moreover, they are made in controlled environments with no impacts of bad weather, vandalism, and other unreliability issues.

Advantage #3- Faster Construction Speed: A contractor building your modular homes in Texas can provide your manufactured home on the site in about one-third of the time a constructor would take for an on-site home. However, this excludes the foundation and the utility features like sewage and electricity, which the homeowner is responsible for setting up.

Advantage #4- They Offer Design Flexibility: Manufactured homes are not mobile homes. Today you can get various features in them, like lawns, garages, decks, and porches. You can even get them as modular homes with multiple stories.

Advantage #5- They are Energy-Efficient: The manufactured homes of the new generation are energy-efficient, installed with star energy appliances. Since they are built under strict regulations, manufacturers ensure they have efficient heating and cooling systems, water heaters, and windows.

Advantage #6- They Have Various Amenities: Manufactured homes are equipped with all the amenities that you can get in a site-built home. The only difference between the two would be that the manufacturers will install all these facilities in your manufactured home from the factory. You can even get walk-in closets, jetted tubs, and fireplaces in your manufactured homes.

Advantage #7- They Have a Warranty: Getting your contractor and repairing something in a site-built home can be challenging. However, manufactured homes come with a one-year warranty with separate warranties for amenities and appliances.

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